VGHSLogo Annihilist
Real Name Evan Riley Brown
Gamertag Annihilist
Gender Male
Portrayed by Evan Riley Brown
"Nobody insults my manners!"
— Annihilist to Brian D

Evan Riley Brown, game tag Annihilist, is a former student at VGHS. He was supposed to be Brian D's roommate, but after he bullied Ted Wong, Ted sets up a duel between Annihilist and Brian, a "Rumble in the Rumpus Room." Annihilist loses to Brian D and is expelled from VGHS due to the fact that his score went below zero.

Annihilist reappears later in Episode 8 as an employee at Brian's, the arcade which Brian D owns after his own expulsion.


Season 1Edit

Confronting Brian and ExpulsionEdit

During the second episode, Annihilist was picking on Ted Wong who was, at the time, a stranger to Brian D. Brian was confident, and told Annihilist, along with his buddy Jumpin' Jax, to leave Theodore alone. Annihilist challenged Brian to a duel. Evan lost, which resulted in him being expelled from the school, while Brian was getting cheers from other people.  

He was later seen employed by Brian at Brian's Arcade.       



Like his friend, Jumpin' Jax, Annihilist has the shallow and basic personality of a bully.


Jumpin' JaxEdit

He is best friends with Jumpin Jax. They often bullied Ted Wong until Brian got Evan expelled. 


He fights BrianD on Field Of Fire but is killed and is expelled. Later Brian manages his own arcade and hires Evan.

Ted WongEdit

Annihlist and Jumpin Jax would always pick on Ted Wong, who is their punching bag.