• Shermita

    awesome opineons

    August 4, 2015 by Shermita

    the law is awesome he should be the star no afense brain d and brain dandy jenny make out alot on season 2 and that's all I got for right now

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  • Tyrannoraptor

    What will happen if Mr Bean attends Video game high school?

    Wouldn't be funny if Mr bean attends this school?

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  • Cool kid d

    field of fire

    June 24, 2014 by Cool kid d

    of fire GamE

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  • EternalBlaze

    Season 3!

    January 24, 2014 by EternalBlaze

    So for all you anons and any other registered users that may peruse the wiki from time to time, Season 3 of VGHS is coming up! The creators of VGHS have started a campaign for $750,000 USD where you guys can donate money to fund this awesome webseries (Link here).

    Also on the campaign page, there is a short description on what Season 3 will be about. If you're too lazy to go to the campaign site, I'll repost the summary here.

    • Six episodes
    • Most definitely the last season (Sad, I know...)
    • You will get cool stuff if you donate a lot of money!
      • All donators get cool stuff if enough money is donated!

    I am personally a bit sad that it's the final season, but it's been a great run and the show is amazing (I rewatch it whenever I'm able to). I can alread…

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  • JackMercer1990

    You know The Law right?  how is his last name spelled.

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  • EternalBlaze


    August 10, 2013 by EternalBlaze

    Some of you may have already noticed, but if you look on VGHS's Wikipedia page, you will see that they list our wiki as one of the external links. Just thought it was cool, y'know?

    Also, I'll try to be here whenever I'm available, as we need to complete things for Season 2 and whatnot. I wouldn't count on me being here frequently, however.

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  • EternalBlaze

    Well, it looks like there will be a third season of our beloved series, Video Game High School! It was sort of announced via a post on the VGHS Facebook page. As of now, it is still in the writing process.

    In addition to the image, the post said,

    "So seasons 2 and 3 are the same format, and we are planning to release them closer to seasons 1 and 2. We started season 2 after season 1 aired. This was so we could see how the show felt put together, and also get a sense of what people liked and didn't.

    Well, last week we started writing season 3. Which is interested as we haven't even been able to see the footage put together. But we are a lot more confident in our process, and we know the tone of the show, and the characters much better than bef…

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  • EternalBlaze

    Season 2 stuff!

    February 14, 2013 by EternalBlaze

    So as we get closer to the premiere of Season 2 of VGHS (sometime later this year), small things like behind the scenes are slowly being revealed (nothing major though, so don't get to excited).

    This is mainly just a heads up, but if you haven't found out already, Jimmy Wong (plays Ted Wong) posts behind the scenes videos of the VGHS set on his vlog channel, Jimmy2, which is a great source to follow if you're really into VGHS and you want to be constantly updated with information and behind the scenes. In addition to this, he sometimes posts links and statuses about VGHS on his Facebook.

    As for information, there are some small things to pick up on from the vlogs Jimmy posts, like small information. If you wanted to, you could try and get so…

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  • EternalBlaze

    Hello, VGHS Wiki and here's EternalBlaze with the weekly news for the week of 9/10/12.

    This was mentioned in the last update, but the fanon portal is now completely up and running. Rex and I are the only two users with fanons on the wiki as of now (links to Rex's Fanon and My Fanon). Feel free to create your own if you are a registered user!

    The editing background issue that had come up when I created a CSS page for the wiki layout has now been fixed, so you shouldn't have any issues whilst editing pages in Visual Mode. If you just prefer to edit in Source, that's cool too.

    Nonthing so far, but all we know for now is that the first episodes of Season 2 may be released around November or December. Only a few more months!

    However, Freddie Wong ha…

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  • EternalBlaze

    For the sake of the ever-changing wiki, I will try and do a weekly update on what is happening here on every Monday (although it's Tuesday where I am now because I hadn't thought of it until today).

    But nevertheless, I'll try and have an update every Monday so everyone is in check and fully aware of anything that happens on the wiki. If there isn't anything to update, well there isn't anything to update and I'll just be making a random blog :D

    Hooray! Due to the encouragement of two users, the wiki now has a Fanon Portal, where you can write whatever your heart desires! (so long as its VGHS)

    Just a side note, since we now have a fanon portal, we should probably establish who is good at creating fanfictions and all that good stuff. I have exper…

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  • EternalBlaze

    Wiki Update

    August 23, 2012 by EternalBlaze

    Hello there, it's EternalBlaze again, and here's an update on the Wiki.

    As all of you (or I should hope) are aware, it is that time of year when schooling starts. Regardless of what grade or school, it is the general range of days in which school start re-opening their doors.

    I don't know about everyone else, I will not be as active due to school and I'll be working on things like that (in real life). As for Wikia, I'll be around, but as there is a "situation" going on in another wiki I edit on, I will probably be spending more time there for the time being. I'll attempt to gather some time for here, but I can't guarantee that I'll be as active as I was in the Summer.

    So, I've been thinking... What if we had a fanon portal in our wiki? I've a…

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  • EternalBlaze

    A Few Things

    July 14, 2012 by EternalBlaze

    Okay, here are a few things the wiki has to go over for the sake of being neat or whatever:

    • Eladkse and I have gone over how we're going to name character pages. Since the creators weren't really accurate in reinstating the same spelling of certain characters' names (ex. Brian D/BrianD), so we are still currently unsure of what to do, although Eladske could have resolved the problem.
    • As for the "relationships" part of a character page, it was originally supposed to be only for love interests and such, but if anyone else wants to, we can just make it for general relationships the characters have with others.
    • When uploading character pictures, or pictures in which a character is included, make sure they are looking at least decent. For example,…
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  • EternalBlaze

    If you're planning to dedicate some time here, you probably should read this. If you aren't, just try and read it so you get an idea of what the wiki needs improvement on.

    The current state of the wiki is, well... not that good (no offense). I mean, we are certainly getting ourselves out of the drain and eventually rise up. But in order to do that, we must complete tasks that will get the wiki noticed, such as add as much content as we can or make the wiki look decent.

    I created a to-do list so we are at least somewhat organized, since I've just been doing random things around the wiki with no real mindset other than improving it. Eladkse is currently working on the wiki's design on his sandbox wiki and it's looking really good so far; while…

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