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VGHSLogo Brian Doheny
Brian Doheny
Real Name Brian Doheny
Gamertag BrianD
Gender Male
Grade Freshman (Seasons 1-3)
School Rank 422/436
Occupation Student at VGHS
Janitor at VGHS
Junior Varsity FPS member (Season 1)
Small Time Gamer (Season 2)
Small-time gamer (Episode 1)
Manager at Brian's (Episode 8)
Portrayed by Josh Blaylock
"Everyone says I won't make it, but I have dreamed of playing on a VGHS team since I was E for Everyone!"
— Brian D in Episode 1.

Legend Brian Doheny, often referred to by his gamertag BrianD, is the main protagonist of Video Game High School and currently a member of the FPS Junior Varsity team. Brian's journey begins after he beats The Law, a world-famous amateur gamer on live television, and subsequently receives international attention and an invitation into the prestigous VGHS.

He becomes close friends with Ted Wong and Ki Swan and develops romantic feelings for Jenny Matrix, Junior Varsity FPS captain and girlfriend of The Law, who makes it a priority to humiliate and torment Brian at every turn so as to destroy him and his reputation. In season 1, Brian is expelled from VGHS for a short time, and hired into an arcade. His work there is so successful that the place is renamed Brian's, before his friends convince him to come back to VGHS.


Season 1Edit

Main article: History of BrianD (Season 1)

BrianD is introduced as an ordinary and somewhat puny high school student and avid gamer in the near future that is the VGHS universe. During a clan match, Brian's game was reset, when world famous amateur gaming celebrity The Law intervened to showcase his skills whilst on live television. Brian, who was away from his keyboard, quickly became the last man standing as The Law single-handedly massacred both teams. Intending to humiliate Brian, The Law placed a grenade on Brian's head, planning to detonate it with a bullet from a distance without looking, however Brian returned in time to slip the grenade off his head, swerve out of The Law's line of fire, and, in the process of doing so, knocked the grenade in mid-air with the butt of his assault rifle, and detonated it on The Law, killing him instantly. The event quickly garnered international attention and rocketted  Brian into the spotlight. Not long after, Brian received an invitation to the world's most prestigious and hardcore gaming academy, Video Game High School.

Upon enrolling at VGHS, Brian became quick friends with Kimberly "Ki" Swan and Theodore "Ted" Wong. After unintentionally expelling another student by defeating him in a match, Brian contemplated leaving VGHS. Brian was eventually approached by The Law, the school's top student and Varsity FPS captain, who although initially appeared to bear no ill-will, revealed his true intentions to destroy Brian's newfound reputation and broke his keyboard. Brian quickly discovered that his actions and growing reputation began to render him a target for every player at the school, earning him the dislike of the school's dean, Ernie Calhoun. Brian also took an immediate liking to JV FPS captain Jenny Matrix, one of the school's elite gamers and girlfriend of The Law.

Brian eventually makes it onto the JV FPS team, only to discover he was deliberately accepted so that during a scrimmage between the JV and Varsity FPS teams, he would be forced to face The Law, who had been biding his time and intended to expose Brian to the entire world as a "no talent fluke". When Brian was dealt humiliating defeat and left at brink of expulsion at the hands of The Law, his reputation was jeopardized, and he was issued an ultimatum by Calhoun: either voluntarily leave VGHS or be expelled.

After a physical confrontation with The Law, Brian unintentionally incited a school-wide brawl and was expelled. Upon leaving VGHS, Brian took a job at an arcade and quickly became it's manager, renaming it Brian's. There, he was reunited with Ted and Ki, and was told that he is still able to compete in the FPS clan tryouts because of a technicality. Though initially reluctant to return, he was persuaded otherwise when Jenny appeared and scolded him for so easily giving up on his dreams.

On the day of the clan tryouts, Brian returned to VGHS to compete. After securing the blessings of Calhoun, he joined with the rest of the JV FPS team, led by Jenny, to compete in the final match against the Varsity FPS team (absent The Law, who did not need to compete). Working together, JV led Varsity 2-0 for most of the match, and Brian's exceptional performance garnered him points that threatened to readmit him into VGHS. Determined to stop Brian, The Law illegally intervened and entered the match himself. Brian devised a plan and confronted The Law and, with the help of Jenny, defeated The Law and entire Varsity FPS team in one fell swoop. From this victory Brian earned enough points to be officially readmitted into VGHS, albeit once again as the lowest ranked gamer in the school, and was given a permanent spot on the JV FPS team by Jenny.

Season 2Edit

In Season 2, Brian starts off the school year by dealing with a new coach, Mary Matrix, while also struggling to hide his affection for Jenny. Brian is made a member of the Varsity team originally just to push the team harder because of their mutual hatred for him, but after the Varsity Team is stripped of their victories because of the Law fiasco, he is made a more respected member as the JV Team takes their place. Jenny is also made Varsity captain, and because of this they agree to remain friends. Later that night, while playing Questin' with Ki as well as keeping Ted on track with his book report, he gets a knock on his door. he answers it finding to his horror, The Law...his new roommate.

The Law's fall from fame has multiple dire consequenses for Brian. Mary Matrix makes The Law his roommate, which is unpleasant for both of them. The fiasco has also caused Brian to lose his scholarship, and he is forced to work as a custodian to pay off his debt of $112,854.02. The strain this job puts on him causes Brian to temporarily lose his spot on the team, although Matrix eventually puts him back on.

Soon afterwards, Jenny asks for Brian's help to write a speech for her mother. Jenny emotionally reveals that she has no fond memories of her mother, and Brian gives her support. They end up falling asleep together. After her speech, Jenny kisses him, and they begin to date behind their coach's back.

Brian soon receives word from his mother that she is coming to visit, and excitedly rushes to meet her at the bus stop. He crosses paths with Jenny, who he makes plans for later with, and Ted, who tries to make conflicting plans and fails. Brian waits at the bus stop for his mother, conversing with a kid who is also waiting. When a bus finally arrives, Brian is greeted by his cat Cheeto instead. He is forced to take Cheeto in and take care of him.

His growing concerns over dating Jenny behind her mother's back leads Brian to perform poorly in a bomb defusal minigame in practice. Coach Matrix questions Jenny as to whether he is able to play properly against the Hardcore Gamers Academy team in the upcoming game. Brian tries to amend his skills with practice, to much failure, and is forced to admit to Jenny he cannot perform properly and this results in her decision to bench him for the game. Prior to the game, however, Jenny finds Brian asleep at his computer. She notes that out of 634 attempts, he managed to set a record of 58 defusals, resulting in a 9.15% success rate. 

In the game against the Hardcore Gamers team, Brian attends as a substitute player while the team competes. However, midway through the game, a blunder by Games Dean results in Coach Matrix, at Jenny's behest, bringing Brian back into the game. When he is left as the final team member surviving during the sudden death final round, he manages to eliminate all the enemy players after they have planted the bomb. As the pressure mounts on him to successfully disarm the bomb and win the game, a mishap involving Ki, Law and Shane Pizza results in Cheeto arriving in the auditorium riding Law's remote-control car. It collides with the stage, launching Cheeto into the area and he lands on Brian's face, obscuring his view. Despite being unable to see the game screen, Brian manages to successfully disarm the bomb and wins the game against the Hardcore Gamers team. As a result of this incident, Cheeto is named as the school mascot and permitted to stay, despite the no-pets rule.

Soon after, it is L33tmas day at VGHS, a holiday that is observed and celebrated across the school. Brian is preparing a turkey for L33tmas dinner, ignoring calls from Calhoun in order to enjoy his day off. As he prepares the turkey for cooking, Ted arrives and invites him to his egg race at 3:00. This forces Brian to push the turkey dinner back to 3:30, to account for the egg race. Ki however interrupts with a pie she has baked, claiming it is Pi-Day pie and must be eaten at 3:14. Brian agrees to eating the pie before dinner, and leaves to put the turkey in the oven.

On his way to the kitchen, he comes across Jenny, who is competing against the Duchess of Kart in an "Achievement Hunt". She complains that the Duchess is beating her, and convinces Brian to help her in a DxM competition at 2:00. Brian eventually puts the turkey in the oven, leaving it to cook over the afternoon. However, he is caught in the kitchen by Calhoun, who reprimands him for not answering his phone. He then informs Brian he has L33tmas bonus hours to work, coercing him into accepting the hours without argument by pointing out he is cooking an unauthorised turkey on school grounds. 

Brian grudgingly goes to work at the Noob Nog booth with Games Dean, attempting to prepare his potato salad for dinner later on at the same time. He leaves with the excuse of needing a bathroom break in order to help Jenny with her DxM competition. They beat the Duchess of Kart, and Brian request Jenny bring cider to dinner later on before rushing off to return to the Noob Nog booth. Games Dean leaves, taking Brian's potato salad. He continues his duties at the Noob Nog booth before being interrupted by Ki, who informs him he will be late for Ted's egg race. Unable to leave again, Brian tells Ki he won't make it to the race. Ki, however, moves the finish line for the race to Brian's booth and gives him a slice of the pie to eat at 3:14. She cuts off Ted as he approaches the finish line for the race in order to give him a slice too, but this results in him tumbling into the booth and wrecking it. Calhoun informs Brian he'll have to pay for the destroyed booth.

After a long day, Brian begins serving the dinner he has prepared. After Jenny regales them about her victory over Duchess of Kart in the Achievement Hunt, Brian points out that she forgot the cider. Trying to stay positive about dinner, Brian states that they don't need cider - however, he is interrupted by Ted who returns from his shower with a burger. Annoyed, Brian attempts to continue with dinner and begins cutting the turkey. However, after tasting it, he sits down defeated. He remarks that there is no salt and that he needs salt. Ted offers him some of his burger - this triggers an outburst, where he frustratedly explains that he only wanted to cook them a nice dinner and is angry that they all had to impose on him with their demands, despite him having to work. When he blurts out that he and Jenny are dating, and Ted asks why Brian didn't tell him, Brian lashes out, telling Ted he is needy and selfish. He attempts to leave, before being blocked by Calhoun at the door. Knocking the yams out of his hands, Brian tells Calhoun that he'll be hearing from Brian's lawyers regarding the job he has been forced into.

Brian begins cleaning up the destroyed booth however and is interrupted by Calhoun. In a sincere discussion, Calhoun points out that Brian is a good kid and that if he feels bad about his outburst, he should apologise. When Jenny, Ki and Ted arrive, Calhoun leaves and Brian apologises to them about how he reacted. They offer to help him clean up the booth mess, and while Jenny and Ki begin working, Brian attempts to talk to Ted about what he said. Ted insists that everything is fine, pointing to their best friend badges as proof.

In the final episode, Brian and Ted are playing their RPG together. Brian is helping Ted with his questline, collecting sashes from defeated enemies. When Brian states they should be drawing close to the end of the quest, Ted points out that they have a long time before they're finished. Brian reveals he has plans with Jenny but offers to change his plans to accomodate Ted, who refuses, saying he does not want to be needy. Brian helps Ted return the sashes to the castle and quits the game to meet up with Jenny. Jenny is concerned about their upcoming game against Stars Hollow High, which decides whether VGHS progresses to playoffs. After she admits she is rambling, she questions Brian as to what he is thinking about. He reveals that he loves her, which causes her to look uncomfortable. She hastily attempts to leave, stating they should rest for the game tomorrow. 

Jenny arrives in the morning to bring Brian some breakfast. They awkwardly converse, with Jenny trying to ask Brian how he's holding up in regards to the upcoming game. He responds saying that she should not pretend like what he said the previous night never happened, and that they don't have to talk about it. He tells her she should head to her strategy meeting with the coach, abruptly closing the door. 

Jenny confronts her mother about dating Brian during the strategy meeting. She decides that she wants to openly date Brian, regardless of her mother's threats to bench them both for the game. However, Coach Matrix ultimately decides to put them into play. Despite Brian and Jenny playing, the VGHS team is unable to take the hill from Stars Hollow players during the match. As a result, Coach Matrix decides to put The Law into play, after he was recently exonerated for aimbotting. He replaces Jumpin' Jax in the game, and with his help, the team is able to take control of the hill. 

The VGHS team stands guard on the hill for two minutes without issue. However, after the Stars Hollow players ambush them, they eliminate most of the VGHS team, leaving only Brian, Jenny and Law. Having held the hill for five minutes, Jenny sends Brian and Law out from the fort to attack the enemy players on their way up the hill. 

Brian runs out of ammo however, leaving Law to rescue him while under fire. He prepares to suicide-bomb with a grenade, before The Law opts to do it in his place, telling him to return back up the hill. As Law sacrifices himself, Brian retreats back up the hill but is hit by a grenade launcher before he can make it. He reunites with Jenny at the fort, stating he has barely any health. While waiting for the enemy to arrive, Brian and Jenny discuss when they first met. Brian reveals he never accepted Jenny's duelling challenge because he didn't want to take her on; he had heard of her infamous FPS skills. As their conversation concludes, the enemies arrive.

Jenny and Brian lie in wait for the enemy as they enter the fort, with Brian acting as a distraction for the first player so Jenny can shoot him. As another then attacks Jenny, Brian ambushes him as he enters and uses his own gun on him. He tosses a handgun to Jenny, and they take down two enemies that approach through another door. Brian avoids near-death as two enemies sneak up on him, and Jenny dives into their path in order to fire one bullet through both Stars players. This final defence is enough for the VGHS team to reach the ten-minute goal and win the match.

During their celebration, Coach Matrix approaches Jenny and Brian. Jenny asks if they'll see her at practice, with Mary instead saying she'll see them at dinner. They rejoin their team to continue celebrating before Napalm Energy Drink High students arrive to interrupt their victory. They offer The Law a player contract, telling him to ditch his teammates and become a Napalm student. While it initially appears that The Law is refusing the offer, he actually accepts and leaves behind VGHS.

Shortly after the game, Brian and Jenny are seen walking in the main square of the school with Jumpin' Jax and Rapwnzel. The other two leave, and Brian and Jenny stop to talk at the tetris statue. Jenny admits to Brian that she loves him and the two share a kiss.

Afterwards, Brian bursts into his dorm room to share the news with Ted, but is confused when he finds that Ted has taken all of his stuff and left.


Brian Doheny is a soft-spoken and gentle spirit, rarely showing any aggression. However, when provoked, Brian and his gaming performance become a force to be reckoned with. During Episode 6, after Jenny restores Brian's resolve, Brian defeats Games Dean, Natalie Wound, and Sal Mini/own, winning the match and redeeming his otherwise less than stellar performance. He has also been shown to have a limit to how much he can be pushed, finally giving into his anger against The Law in Episode 7, tackling and physically assaulting him repeatedly, having to be dragged away by Ted.

Throughout the series Brian is shown to care deeply for his friends and always trying to do the right thing. This is best exemplified when he stands up and fights for Ted after he is bullied in Episode 2. Brian also showed remorse after Annihilist was expelled as a result of Brian's victory over him, and even contemplates leaving VGHS after the event. Brian also has been shown to not hold a grudge, having forgiven Games Dean in Episode 9 after the latter defends his decision to return to VGHS for the clan tryouts.

Gaming SkillsEdit

Though Brian D is a highly skilled player in the fictional FPS game Field of Fire, he has proven to be a competent all-around gamer with a grasp of several gaming genres.

First Person ShootersEdit

Brian's game of choice has always been Field of Fire, and was the head of his own clan in the game prior to enrolling at VGHS. Brian has shown to be highly resourceful and creative, which have allowed him to overcome the odds that are seemingly always stacked against him. He has used more non-firearm weaponry than any other character throughout the series, frequently using grenades and tomahawks to great effect. Brian's "unorthodox" style is best showcased in the earlier episodes, such as his duel with Annihilist in Episode 2, where he uses his glitched and constantly firing gun to lure Annihilist out of hiding and proceeding to kill him unexpectedly with a tomahawk. Brian's run in The Pit in Episode 3 exemplifies this, where he nearly sets a school record by choosing to take out multiple targets with grenades and a tomahawk rather than the traditional firearm.

Dance Ex MachinaEdit

Though not as skilled as either Jenny Matrix or The Law (who excels at all games), Brian is a fan of the fictional Dance Ex Machina franchise and, in Episode 8, is shown to be relatively skilled at the games, able to play against Jenny competently. In Episode 4, when The Law coerces a duel out of Brian—telling him to pick any available game to challenge him in—the only game Brian feels comfortable to do so is DXM. During their "duel", Brian struggles to compete with Law, though instead of trying to win he decides to dance freestyle to the party— displaying impressive and popular dance moves.


As stated in Episode 4 , Brian is a 12th level "pastrymancer", and his cooking skills are exceptional given the reaction to his stolen coconut cake— which was beloved by Jenny Matrix and the hardcore Varsity FPS team. Though no cooking games have been introduced or mentioned, it can be assumed that Brian is exceptional at them.


Brian shows some skill at racing games in Episode 2 of Season 2, when Ted enlists his help to defeat the Duchess of Kart and recover Drift King's key. Although Brian is eliminated, he succeeds in assisting Ted to eliminate a number of their opponents lives, and he sacrifices himself to ensure Ted continues playing, and as a result they win against the karters.


Main article: Brian's Relationships


Because Brian D is the central character of the series, he is featured in all episodes.

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  • Brian's actor Josh Blaylock is married to Johanna Braddy, Jenny's actress, in real life. They met during the auditions of season 1, and started dating after Season 1.
  • It it revealed that Brian's dad died when he was three in Season 2, Episode 3.


  • "Your mom is a cat!"

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