20 Years after the events of Season 3, VGHS has now turned a into a Virtual Reality Game School. The Game Most People Play Is FoF 3 (Field Of Fire 3) The 3rd Installment of Field Of Fire. Michale King (Drift King's Son) is the Leader Of VGHS's biggest drift team, "Unknown Drifters". His Gamer Tag Is "UKNOWNDRIFTER1384772DRIFT@". Aiden Dohney And Lily Dohney (Brian D's Son And Daughter) have saved VGHS from 4 threats and 1 major threat. One was from GHS (Gamer High School) trying to buy VGHS and turn it into a grocery store. They also tryed to get the students of VGHS jobs so there wouldn't be anyone to stop them. Unfortunately for them, they got owned by Aiden and Lily Dohney in an FPS Match. Mily Matrix And Luke Matrix (Jenny Matrix's Daughter and Son) have won the VGHS Sniper Contest 8 times straight.

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