Jacob Matrix better known by his middle names Gabriel Logan is the slightly younger brother of Jenny Matrix.
VGHSLogo Fanon: Jacob Matrix
Real Name Jacob Matrix
Gamertag Gabriel Logan
Gender Male


Jacob was born at 8:13 PM on the same night as his sister Jenny making him slightly younger. Jacob has only one friend and is always constantly being picked on by so he trades schools and now attends Napalm Energy Drink High School which really upsets Jenny. Jacob then joins the Army and breaks his sister's heart even more. When Jacob realizes his sister needs him he returns to Video Game High School.

Relationships Edit

Jenny- Jacob's older sister who he cherishes a lot. The two never argue at all and show to be very close.

The Law- Jacob and The Law are showen to be best friends.

Ted Wong- After Jacob returns to Video Game High School Ted was very pleased.

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