Good Game or GG, for short, is a phrase used in the future era Video Game High School is situated in. It is used either as a wish or a statement of submission while playing a game.

Use as a WishEdit

GG BrianD

Calhoun wishing Brian "GG"

In VGHS - Episode 9, Brian convinces Calhoun to allow him to enter the VGHS FPS Trials. After being convinced, Calhoun replies "GG BrianD", happily recognising Brian's final understanding of his personal philosophy, "it's all about the game".

Use as a Statement of SubmissionEdit

In VGHS: You Can't Stop a Sandwich, Shane Pizza overwhelms his opponent, forcing her to surrender. In order to do that, she has to type in the console "GG", for "Good Game".

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