"Helleanor" is the nickname of a car given by Ted Wong while playing OverDrift: Purgatory Home. She is the car Ted must challenge, beat, and take in order to win the game. "Helleanor" is a red 2013 Dodge Dart with a 2 grey pinstripes (one is thick, the other is skinny) on the right side (looking from the front).

She was programmed by the creators of the game at the height of their madness, according to Drift King, and many believed that she was patched out of the game.


Season 2Edit

Ted first encounters "Helleanor" after being defeated by a third generation Dodge Challenger. He proceeds to driving around the city until meeting "Helleanor." She challenges him to a race and he accepts. As it turns out, Ted wins and exits his vehicle, a third generation Ford Focus. He decides he's going to call his 'new car' "Helleanor." To that, she closes her doors and leaves, forcing Ted to drive after her. In the next scene, Ted is seen trying to get inside of "Helleanor" once more, but is denied again. He asks what she wants with him and she replies by asking him to race her again. Furious, Ted doesn't want to race and gets her to leave, kicking her front bumper a few times.

Later in the game, Ted roams around the city, looking for more people to race. He sees "Helleanor" asking other cars (Scion FR-S, Mini Cooper, Mazda 3, Dodge Challenger) to race. To Ted's surprise, they laugh at the request and leave, with the Challenger burning out in "Helleanor"'s face before leaving (ultimately leaving dirt on her windshield, hood, and front bumper). Ted feels bad for "Helleanor" and challenges her to a race, to her delight. As they are driving along, Ted realizes that "Helleanor" just wants to play and proceeds to playing with her. After they stop, Ted attempts to get into the car again, to which she closes her doors the first time, but re-opens them. Ted is successful the second time, thus winning the game.


  • The nickname, "Helleanor", is a likely reference the the legendary custom Ford Mustang, nicknamed "Eleanor," that appears in the 1974 movie, Gone in 60 Seconds (with a 1971 Mustang), and its 2000 remake of the same name (with a 1967 Mustang).

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