Jacob and Jennifer are brother and sister.


Jacob and Jennifer were born on the same night, but at different times. When mom brought Jacob home Jennifer was happy to be with her new baby brother and always loves to play with him. As time goes on, their bond gets bigger to the point where they have to be with each other at all times and help the other gamers as well. On Jacob's first day at Video Game High School, he is being picked on by everyone except The Law and wants to switch schools. His mother places him in Napalm Energy Drink High School, one of the enemies of Video Game High School. On that same night, Jennifer calls him at his girlfriend's house, and asks why he switched schools. He tells her the truth and the day after Jacob switched, he then realizes that Jennifer wants him at her school but he is not able to switch back and is stuck at his new high school. Later at lunch, Jacob calls Jennifer and apologizes for switching schools, and is trying to return in order to be with his older sister. Jennifer is trying her best to get her brother back into the VGHS, but isn't having any luck until their mom got a phone call from Jacob, telling her that he is returning to VGHS in a week and, hands the phone to Jennifer after Jacob asked if he can speak with her.

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