"Slam it into your underpants and feel the surge!"
— The Law in a Jock Juice commercial.

Jock Juice was a energy drink company that produced and sold their own Jock Juice Energy Drink. The company was extrememly successful, and was the main competition of Napalm Energy Drink Corporation. The Law, during his prime (either sometime before or during Season 1) was a promoter of the company and energy drink, advertising the energy drink as "the reason for all of my wins".

In a flashback during Season 3, Episode 5, Shane Barnstormer, after him and his brother Ashley were rejected from Video Game High School, decided to bankrupt Jock Juice by framing the Law on false cheating accusations. The Law was charged with Cheating by Aimbot, was found guilty, which largely impacted Jock Juice Energy Drink Company to the point of bankruptcy. The events took place sometime during Season 1 and Season 2.

With Jock Juice bankrupted, Napalm took the throne. Despite this, The Law was offered a job at Napalm Energy Drink Corporation on the FPS team in the Season 2 Finale.

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