The Napalm-64 Bowl, N64 Bowl, or simply N64, was a video game super bowl which occurred in a match in Field of Fire, in a Bomb Plant gamemode, on the map Dust 5 with no respawns. The match was between the remaining students of Video Game High School, V.S Napalm Energy Drink High School. The bowl took place in the Series Finale, after Napalm had acquired VGHS.

Napalm recruits pro-gamers across the globe to compete in the bowl. VGHS FPS Varsity Team attempts to recruit un-motivated students, and fails at first. The team decides to forfeit, but is blocked by Ashley and Shane. Then, Calhoun, Drift King, and multplie other students enthustically join the match.

The match ends with a VGHS Victory.

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