Napalm Energy Drink High School
Napalm Energy Drink High School
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United States


Acquire, Takeover, Destroy


Napalm Energy Drink

Napalm Energy Drink High School, or NEDHS, is an American pro-gaming academy, specializing in First-Person shooters, such as the popular, Field of Fire. The High School is owned by Napalm Energy Drink Corporation. The school is noted for recently acquiring famed and controversial FPS star, The Law.

Students at NEDHS, though apparently "fragile and nerdy," tend to speak like soldiers and show a great deal of unity and discipline.

In Season 2, The Law is brought on to the team. Between Season 2 and 3, NEDHS wins multiple matches through out the FPS Playoffs. The Captain of the FPS Team is Ashley Barnstormer.

Season 2 Edit

NEDHS is only mentioned once during Season 2 in the Season 2 Finale. Ashley Barnstormer presents himself, at the end of the playoffs match between Video Game High School and Stars Hollow High School, as the Captain of NEDHS's FPS Team, offering The Law a spot on the team.

Season 3 Edit

NEDHS play's a much bigger role throughout Season 3. The stage that VGHS' Junior Varsity Team has reached means they come to face their toughest opponent yet: NEDHS. They lose but in the final a 64 player match occurs where VGHS fight for the pride of their school land in the Grand Theft Auditorium

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