Pokermon is a combination of poker and pokemon that not much is revealed about in the show, however in episode 3 of the second season Ki and her father play together. Ki's father tries to send her home and she wagers that if she can beat him in Pokermon she can stay at VGHS. Then Ted comes in and she asks him how he would feel if she left.

Ted replies "I would be upset, but if you had to go I would understand." Mr. Swan asks if he is bluffing and she calls his bluff, but not his Pokermon bluff, his real bluff. She says that if Ted can let her go than her father should be able to, and Ki stays at VGHS.

How to PlayEdit

  1. Each player starts with four cards and a deck. The first four cards are used as defense (laid on the left side) or attack (laid on the right side), keep note you are only allowed two attack and two defense cards in play at a time. 
  2. After deciding what attacks and defenses to use, draw from the deck until you recieve a pokermon. All other cards drawn must be discarded to the bottom of the deck. Lay the pokermon in between your attacks and defenses.
  3. Your pokermon should have a type at the top of the card. That type displays what attacks and defenses can be critical or double depending on the cards stats.
  4. Stats: All pokermon have stats. Some may say double my weakness type or raise all of the attacks I use, that are not my type, by 40 damage. All of this depends on the text underneath the type.
  5. Play! All pokermon are different so be careful and strategic... But have fun! 


Though the original idea for Pokermon lies in that video over there. Go ahead, watch it! Pizza

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