VGHSLogo Shane Pizza
Shane Barnstormer
Real Name Shane Barnstormer
Gender Male
School VGHS (formerly), NEDHS
Grade Junior/Senior
Occupation Student
Captain of RTS Team (formerly)
VGHS School President
Napalm Energy Drinks CEO
Portrayed by Chase Williamson

Shane "Stuffed-Crust Pizza" Barnstormer is the captain of Real Time Strategy Team, the head RA at VGHS, later elected to Student Body President, and is the twin brother of Ashley Barnstormer. Shane is first introduced in S02E2 under the pseudonym "Shane Pizza".

Shane is responsible for framing The Law in an Aimbotting scandal to eliminate the competition, Jock Juice, which The Law helped promote. He's a generally antagonizing character towards most people he has interactions with.

Shane is one of the main antagonists in Season 2 and Season 3. In Season 2, he finds ways to sabotage Ki Swan in multiple ways, and frames The Law. In S02E5 , Shane tries to destroy all evidence that connects to himself framing The Law. In S02E6 he begins running for the Student Body President position at VGHS.

Throughout Season 3, Shane is a top executive at Napalm Energy Drink Corporation . In the series finale he is a member of the Napalm Energy Drink High School FPS team.


History Edit

Five years before Season 3, a blond Shane Barnstormer and twin brother, Ashley Barnstormer III, attempted to enroll at VGHS. Dean Calhoun rejected them because of their young age (12). Failing to convince Calhoun to accept them because they were the best twin gamers in the world, Shane asked Mrs. Barnstormer for her checkbook. He gave "dirty old poor person" Calhoun a check for $900,000 (writing the check out to "Poor Person"). Calhoun rendered them speechless when he tore the check into pieces. Calhoun then told them "At first you weren't getting in because you're twelve and this is a high school. But now you're never getting in because you're terrible people." Shane was incredulous and said "If we're so terrible, then how come we get everything we want?" Shane was further confused by Calhoun's comment of "Exactly what a terrible person would say." Ashley asked their mother to buy VGHS for them but she said no, she had just bought them their own energy drink company to run. The two whined in disappointment. Mrs. Barnstormer promised them that if the two managed to get their company's stock up to $400 a share she might buy the school for them. Shane glared at Calhoun as he promised in an aggressive, cracking voice: "We're gonna buy your dumb school and throw you out on the street!"

Napalm Energy Drink soon became a successful company with its stock peaking at $374 a share. However, rival energy drink Jock Juice became more more profitable than Napalm with its marketing campaign featuring The Law. This caused Napalm's stock to drop. To go after Jock Juice, Shane chose to go after The Law. Shane faked a drowning at sea, dyed his platinum blond hair brown and applied at VGHS online under the pseudonym "Pizza."

At his first day as a student of VGHS, Shane was concerned Calhoun would recognize him. When he didn't, Shane smugly told Calhoun that his name was "Shane Pizza."

Season 2 Edit

Shane Pizza is first seen in Episode 2 in a room full of players from the Real Time Strategy Team. He is competing with another RTS player and he seems to be having the upper hand, having predicted all of his opponent's moves. Just as his opponent was about to forfeit, Ki Swan blurts out a flaw in Pizza's setup and gives advice to Shane's competitor. An annoyed Shane asks the crowd who "the nerd" is, and Ki explains that she would like to try out for the RTS team. Pizza asks his team mates if Ki Swan is worthy of the RTS team to which they give a number of reasons why she shouldn't be on the team before coming to the conclusion of "selling this turkey", implying that Ki cannot join the team.

Shane pizza business card

Shane Pizza's business card.

Shane appears later in the episode looking for Ted Wong but instead comes across Ki. He is revealed to be the head RA, and replaces Ted with Ki as RA of the Frag Floor. Ki argues with Shane, but Shane just gives her his business card and subsequently leaves. This is also when his last name is revealed. Just before Shane disappears around the corner, Ki calls out to him that his name is dumb. Shane responds by telling Ki to flip the business card, where his sarcastic retort to the comment, "You're dumb," is written.

Shane is briefly seen in Episode 3, where he walks past Ki and her father, Kenneth Swan while telling Ki that he doesn't care about any of the good things she's done.

In Episode 4, Pizza sees Ki hanging up an article on the newspaper version of Games Dean's web show, The Daily Dean. The article mentions that the VGHS teachers rank Ki Swan the number one RA. Pizza sees this, and holds up a piece of poop that he identifies to be an animal's. Shane attempts to identify what animal the poop belongs to by sniffing it, and the scent gives him memories of his successes, and his childhood where he was bullied by the other children. Back to the present, Shane forgets what they were talking about, but threatens Ki that if he finds the animal that the poop belonged to, he will tell the teachers.

Later in the episode, Shane finds Ki with the supposed animal, a cat by the name of Cheeto belonging to Brian Doheny. He picks up the cat, and Ki attempts to negotiate with him. When this doesn't work, Ki sprays silly string in his eyes, causing him to drop the cat, which runs away with both Ki and Shane chasing him. However, they are stopped when they both run into The Law who is playing with a remote controlled buggy. Cheeto gets on the buggy and rides away with it. The Law can no longer control the buggy because it is out of range. Shane and Ki chase the buggy into the FPS competitive game against another school (the buggy's charging station, which it would automatically return to if out of range of the remote, was placed in the auditorium), where Cheeto is thrown off the car because it hits a stair step, and lands on Brian's face. Brian, instead of removing Cheeto, gains a confidence boost and manages to disarm the bomb (something he was having trouble with earlier in the episode.

Shane Pizza

The Law vs Shane Pizza

In the final moments of Episode 4, Shane is seen having hidden cameras in The Law's secret room. Shane fears that The Law is on to him as he sees that The Law has found the camera in his room. Just as Shane was about to handle it, he is surprised to see the same buggy that The Law had earlier in his own secret room. The R/C car is revealed to have been wiretapped, and Shane looks back at the camera to see The Law smiling at him. The Law bursts in Pizza's secret room, shouts at Shane, and leaves the room laughing with his R/C car following him. Pizza is amused and smiles.

In Episode 5, Law follows Pizza as he walks outside on his cell phone, talking to his cousin Kerry. Law spies on Pizza, as he admits he framed Law for aimbotting to Kerry. Shane keeps getting closer to Law, and says "Yeah, he's right here." Law looks puzzled at this, but as he turns, Shane appears behind him, and says "Hello, Law". His goons grab Law and throw him into the dirt. Shotbot appears and breaks up the fight, as Shane's goons say "Oh no, a girl! She'll tell the other girls!" and run away. Shane looks at Law, and says "This... this isn't over," and walks away.

When Shotbot and Law attempt to beat up his younger cousin, Shane appears behind Law again and tases him. He then reveals that Shotbot isn't a girl, but the actual Shotbot, astounded that Law hadn't noticed by then. Shane's goons once again drag Law away as he yells abuse at Shotbot. 

Shane later appears talking to Law in the dark, although Law is suspended over a pool of freezing water. Shane places all the evidence of him framing Law around Law's neck in a flash drive. He then leaves and is not seen again that episode. 

In the season Finale, Shane announces his candidacy for student body president. Ki, moments later, announces that she, too, will be running for student body president. He threatens her quietly as the crowd continues cheering them on.

Season 3 Edit

In Episode 1 of season three Shane bribes VGHS by handing out free pizza and by promising pizza parties. This is very successful and he has a distinct advantage over Ki Swan. Later, it is told that he is the biological brother of Ashley Barnstormer of Napalm Energy Drink High School, revealing that Shane's real last name is Shane Barnstormer.

During the next few episodes, Shane continues his quest against Ki Swan for the election. He promises the students vending machines, which was an idea from Ki Swan and also dictates that he doesn't care about anything because being rich means everything. Though Shane eventually obtained more votes than Ki Swan, Ki had added more votes for herself, and admits she did at the end of Episode 3, resulting into leaving VGHS until returning after Episode 5.

In Episode 5 the motivation behind Shane's vendetta against VGHS and framing The Law is revealed to be all in an effort to stage a hostile takeover of Video Game High School. The Barnstormer twins swore vengeance against Calhoun and Video Game High School after he rejected their application of enrollment to VGHS five years prior to Season 3, when they were twelve. Mrs. Barnstormer promised them that if they managed to get Napalm, their new company she recently bought for them, stock up to $400 a share she would buy VGHS for them. The Law got in the way of their revenge and their company's growth when he promoted rival energy drink company Jock Juice, causing Napalm sales to drop. This sparked Shane's long campaign to drive Jock Juice bankrupt by joining VGHS under an assumed name to frame The Law. Framing Law also played into Napalm's decision to make the company a high school with an FPS team - by removing the VGHS Varsity FPS team from the competition and eventually competing against their JV team and ultimately winning the FPS season, Napalm was able to boost their stock even further.

Shane is seen in this episode standing on-stage with the band SSD while hosting a breakfast for the student body. He gives the social gamers brand new equipment (an idea that was originally Ki's) while staring at Ki from across the cafeteria so she knows he's making fun of her, and is met with cheers when he tells the crowd almost aggressively that he cares about the school and the students because they are his family, and they are just his. Right after that he announced that the band Smash Mouth would be playing next. The next day Shane is seen in Calhoun's office discussing the contract Smash Mouth signed with him. Ashley walks into Calhoun's office a minute later and sits down next to Shane. Shane refers to Ashley as his brother, and Calhoun realizes that Shane was Shane Barnstormer all along. Shane and Ashley explain that their company's stock has finally risen high enough and they now own VGHS. Shane boasts about he and his brother's genius plan of taking down VGHS from the inside and takes a photo of Calhoun's expression on his phone, much to Ashley's amusement. Shane needles at Calhoun by telling him "You really should have taken that check." Following this conversation, Shane's face appears on the announcement screen in the school cafeteria where he tells the students to enjoy their breakfast because it will be their last, and laughs manically. The student rush outdoors at the sound of a great crash to see the VGHS school crest falling off the building. As the school crest falls off of the side of the school, Shane continues to laugh on the announcement screen. Afterwards, he and Ashley appear on the roof to unfurl a massive banner advertising that VGHS is the site of Napalm's future Mega-Mall. Shane screams "You cannot win!" and the brothers hi-five as they laugh smugly.

In Episode 6 Shane if first seen outside of VGHS looking over the future Napalm Mega-Mall blueprints. He's seen later outside again with Ashley, joined by New Law, playing with a football. Ashley points out recently-fired Calhoun walking out of the school to Shane and encourages him to throw the football at him. Shane throws the football and knocks Calhoun's box of belongings out of his hands. The three celebrate Shane's aim with a three-way jump hi-five, and get in Calhoun's face when he passes them.

Later, Shane's voice is heard over the PA introducing himself as one of two Dean Barnstormers along with Ashley. They speak every other line of their announcement that the due to construction, a 6:00PM curfew is now in place. Shane says lights out, and the lights in the dorms shut off.

The next day Shane is seen walking down the hall followed by Ki Swan. Shane is annoyed at Ki for constantly coming to him with phony ideas to halt construction of the Napalm Mega-Mall and tells her that her latest idea is the worst so far. He tells her that her world is over and there's nothing she can do about it. Shane continues to his destination of his and Ashley's new office (formerly Calhoun's office) and shuts the door harshly behind him to discourage Ki from following him in, childishly flinging his arms in the air in annoyance and lack of care. She follows anyway, and the door hits her shoulder. Shane begins to ignore Ki and focuses on Ashley, who pitches him a slogan for the new Napalm 64oz. can (the N64) that Shane dismisses. Shane shoots a sarcastic comment at Ki when she says the N64 is "just" a bigger can of Napalm, causing Ashley to laugh. Shane is confident that the N64 will dominate the market. When the FPS team appears to argue the Barnstormers' decision to close the Grand Theft Auditorium for their press conference for the N64, Shane mentions his mother and how he and his brother must crush her expectations. Shane smirks while Ashley dismisses the FPS team and laughs with him. When Ki announces she has yet another idea, Shane groans but becomes intensely interested when he realizes she's talking about the N64 and a Napalm Bowl. Ashley isn't certain that the Napalm Bowl is big enough for the Napalm Energy Drinks Corporation so Shane suggests there be 64 players at the Napalm Bowl, which Ashley agrees to.

Shane is seen next in a PWNZWN TV spot with Ashley announcing their pro-team of 32 players for the Napalm Bowl. Shane states he's pleased that these professional athletes have chosen to continue their training with Napalm, and that he looks forward to facing VGHS. He drops the microphone with a smug grin.

The next day Shane and Ashley are enjoying a gourmet lunch in the school cafeteria while the VGHS students watch enviously, being forced to eat Napalm goop. When the VGHS FPS team approaches them to forfeit the game, Shane tells them that Napalm has spent over 30 million dollars recruiting their pro-FPS team, and that VGHS didn't get to walk away without being humiliated. He tells them that VGHS's lack of players is their own problem and laughs with Ashley at their odds. When Calhoun appears to join the VGHS FPS team, Shane is incredulous after learning that Calhoun never graduated from VGHS. Shane sarcastically congratulates the FPS team for recruiting random players and an "old man."

The day of the game Shane is seen taking his seat at his computer, wearing his RTS glove. In-game Shane acts as Napalm's strategist, stationed on top of their tower watching the playing field through binoculars with New Law at his side. From there Shane coordinates the Napalm team. Shane spots Ki Swan on the opposite tower and she waves at him. He suspects she's planning something and sends New Law after her. Shane joins the Napalm ground forces as Jenny and her squad attempt to flank right on Napalm, killing two of her squad and sending the rest into cover with a specialized gun he got as a kill-streak perk. He is greeted by Ashley who compliments his new weapon, and they do a special hi-five before shooting at the VGHS squad together. Shane and Ashley are sent running for cover when DK and Clutch show up in a truck with a mounted machine gun. Shane is next seen pushing a machete through Calhoun's back right before he's able to kill Ashley. Shane stays with his Napalm squad to fire on VGHS while Ashley leaves to activate his kill-streak perk. Shane is later seen on the first level of the Napalm tower firing on the last surviving members of VGHS with his squad on the ground level. Shane shoots at Ki as she runs up the tower but is fired on by Ki from across walkways and takes cover. Shane sneaks up on Ki while she is looking for him and disarms her, pointing Ki's own pistol at her. He pauses before shooting her to look in confusion at Lawrence and New Law approaching the tower in a truck, which inevitably flips and explodes. This distraction allows Ki to disarm Shane and defeat him in hand-to-hand combat, delivering the killing blow and knocking him off of the tower.

Following Napalm's defeat by VGHS, real-life Shane is seen removing his headset with muted anger. Shane sarcastically congratulates VGHS, saying "Wow, you guys won a video game, great job." Shane begins to deliver a long-winded sarcastic comment at the VGHS team but is cut short when Mrs. Barnstormer calls out his and Ashley's name in an angry tone of voice. Shane speaks to his mother in an uncharacteristically quiet voice and is seen chewing his lip nervously while she scolds him and Ashley for not thinking their now-worthless marketing campaign through. Shane hesitantly tells his mother how many N64s Napalm orders (40 million shipments to every major retailer across the globe) and is in speechless disbelief until she produces the Mega-Mall contract and tears it in half because she doesn't think they are mature enough to run it. Shane promptly begins to throw a temper tantrum the same time Ashley bursts into tears, screaming in anger and stomping his foot. Shane screams, "No! No, I want it! It's not fair!" and screams at his mother after she tells them to follow her to the jet. When she's left, Shane takes cue from Ashley - he wipes his tears, crosses his arms and leans against his brother, finishing Ashley's sentence with a wavering threat that VGHS hasn't seen the last of them. He intends to say more but stops with a scream when Mrs. Barnstormer reappears behind them to grab the two of them by the ears, stating "Oh, yes, they have." Mrs. Barnstormer drags the two out of the auditorium, Shane's angry, tearful screams echoing in until the door slams behind them.


He is arrogant and imperious in the series, harboring various sadistic traits. He seems to act only for his own interests (which are ultimately revealed to be his twin brother's interests too). Given how he used to be bullied extensively, it's safe to assume that this added up to his current hunger for success and supremacy to counter his previous inferiority, similar to the Law's nature. Now he enjoys manipulating people into bullying others for him and wielding his strategic mentality to destroy his enemies. However, he has never been seen taking on an enemy he is unable to wear down with his blunt sarcasm or with the occasional thug that accompanies him.

Shane is prone to aggressive emotional outbursts - he even resorts to violence, having been seen striking one of his henchmen across the face just because his favorite soft drink wasn't available in a vending machine.

Shane's temper tantrum in Season 3, Episode 6 reflects his aggressive, emotional personality in the way that he screams at his mother and stomps his foot like a child younger than he is.

Gaming Skills Edit

RTS Edit

Shane is apparently one of the top RTS players at VGHS, and is shown to be the leader of the RTS class when he first appeared in Season 2.

Field of Fire Edit

Shane is seen acting as the Napalm FPS team's strategist in Field of Fire in the series finale. He eventually abandoned his post and quickly gained a kill-streak perk after killing many VGHS FPS team members off-screen. Later, even though he is surrounded by teammates, he poses a considerable threat to the surviving VGHS team mates on his own when left last man standing.

Relationships Edit

Ashley Barnstormer III Edit

Shane considers his twin brother Ashley to be his equal, and has a strong relationship with him as business partners and gamers. Shane rarely enacts a scheme without his input. Shane is also close to Ashley as a sibling, this being shown by the lack of sarcasm in the nicknames he calls him by and the somber hug they shared when Shane left Ashley to infiltrate VGHS. Their body language occasionally mirrors one another. His abrasive attitude is still present but non-aggressive when he speaks to Ashley, and has never been seen getting angry with him.

Shane is the louder, more volatile force of the two; Shane will snap sarcastically where Ashley may simply take on an air of deep offense; Shane will directly threaten an enemy where Ashley will speak with a smile and a showman's voice and talk an enemy in circles. Their different approaches never clash, however, and in fact complement each other. They have fun attacking people verbally from two different directions with two different styles, passing the conversation back and forth between themselves like a game.

Ki Swan Edit

Shane has an antagonistic relationship with Ki. Shane first considered Ki to be a growing annoyance, but she eventually became a target of his wrath after she was named #1 RA, one rank above himself. When she chose to oppose him in the VGHS school president election he promised her she would regret the day she born, but lost interest in her after he won. She regained her title of growing annoyance when she repeatedly approached Shane with foolish attempts to halt his and Ashley's plans to demolish VGHS, and became a target once more during the Napalm-Bowl, where he lost to her in one-on-one hand-to-hand combat.

Mrs. Barnstormer Edit

Shane's mother is the only person that he considers his superior and respects her.

Ernie Calhoun Edit

Shane, along with Ashley, despises Calhoun, and Calhoun returns the animosity. This mutual loathing began when Calhoun originally denied their application into VGHS due to their age (twelve at the time). Shane's attempt to bribe Calhoun only made things worse, as Calhoun denied the bribe and banned Shane and his brother from ever entering VGHS because they were "terrible people".

The Law Edit

The Law became a target of Shane's after The Law endorsed Jock Juice, a rival energy drink company, thereby unknowingly making him Shane's enemy. Shane joined VGHS with the purpose of framing The Law and he succeeded. Shane became The Law's permanent mortal enemy after The Law discovered Shane had framed him, and for the events that followed this discovery in Season 2, Episode 5.

Trivia Edit

  • Ashley influenced Shane's choice of the pseudonym "Stuff-Crust Pizza" when he ate a slice of stuff-crust while watching Shane fill out the VGHS online application form.
  • Shane has naturally curly platinum blond hair.
  • Shane prefers to play video games with a Peregrine Wearable Interface (a glove). This is a real-life product available for purchase.

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