So for all you anons and any other registered users that may peruse the wiki from time to time, Season 3 of VGHS is coming up! The creators of VGHS have started a campaign for $750,000 USD where you guys can donate money to fund this awesome webseries (Link here).

Also on the campaign page, there is a short description on what Season 3 will be about. If you're too lazy to go to the campaign site, I'll repost the summary here.

"Get ready for the final level of the show about best friends, first loves, and landing that perfect headshot. In VGHS: THE FINAL SEASON, Brian, Jenny, Ted and Ki face their biggest challenges and fiercest enemies yet.

The race for Class President heats up as Ki battles Machiavellian RTS player Shane Pizza in an election rife with bribery, extortion, and outright cat theft. Will the dirty game of politics cost Ki her integrity—especially after betrayal in her own campaign threatens to undo everything she’s fought for?

Finally public with their blossoming relationship, Brian and Jenny are closer than ever as they gear up for a playoffs showdown against Napalm Energy Drink High School. But when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity knocks for Jenny, everything will change. Can they face the coming storm and take their team to the championships? Or will tough choices, hurt feelings, and Napalm Captain Ashley Barnstormer bring their dreams crashing down?

Reeling from his broken friendship with Brian, a wounded Ted moves in with the Drift Racers and embraces their hell-raising ways full throttle. It’s detention, bar fights, and joyrides galore— until a tragedy strikes that rocks Ted, his friends, and the entire school to their core.

The Law™ is having one refreshing, flavor-packed, game-slamming time at Napalm™ Energy Drink High. In no way is he about to discover that he’s a slave to a massively powerful corporation, with sinister designs on VGHS that go far deeper than anyone could have expected. The Law™ would also like to remind you to get energized by blasting a can of new Napalm™ Baja Berry Crantini Thunder. DRINK NAPALM!

It all ends here: in six episodes, SCHOOL IS OUT. FOREVER. Join us one last time as we take this web series out in an EPIC BLAZE OF GLORY that will have you laughing, crying, cheering, and staring into space as you have the sobering realization that nothing in real life will ever be as cool as…

— Description on the site

Things that are confirmed

  • Six episodes
  • Most definitely the last season (Sad, I know...)
  • You will get cool stuff if you donate a lot of money!
    • All donators get cool stuff if enough money is donated!

Final Thoughts

I am personally a bit sad that it's the final season, but it's been a great run and the show is amazing (I rewatch it whenever I'm able to). I can already tell from the description that it's going to be, well, freaking awesome!

What do you guys think?

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