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("Dominare, Certa, Perfice" is the school moto as it appears on the school crest.)
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*School of Force and Finesse
*School of Force and Finesse
*School of Adventure and Discovery
*School of Adventure and Discovery
===Known Courses===
===Known Courses===

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Not to be confused with Video Game High School (series).

"You will not study Physics, you will study Physics Engines! You will not study art, you will Study the Art of War! You will learn about Biology by bathing in the blood of your enemies. Sound good? Well welcome to VGHS."
— Dean Ernie Calhoun in the acceptance video
Video Game High School
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United States


Dominare, Certa, Perfice


Ernie Calhoun

Video Game High School, or VGHS, is an American pro-gaming academy that teaches various forms and types of gaming. It is considered the most intense pro gaming academy in the country. The school has about 400 students, including some of the best gamers in the world such as The Law, Jenny Matrix and Brian D.

Ranking System Edit

Point accumulation Edit

VGHS utilizes a point-based ranking system, where students are awarded (or deducted) points based on their performance in gameplay, regardless of the genre of the game. Exceptional performances award points while insufficient performances deduct points from a player. A player's points are directly tied to their school ranking, though a players rank is not necessarily an indication of their skill, as Brian D throughout Season 1 remained the lowest rank player in the school despite defeating The Law and the entire Varsity team in the Season 1 finale. Another example of this is Cold Turkey, a member of VGHS Varsity team who is ranked #3 in the entire school, is defeated quickly and effortlessly by Jenny Matrix, who is ranked #6, in Episode 2.

Expulsion policyEdit

As quoted by Ki Swan in Episode 2, Paragraph 90 of Section 3 of official VGHS rulebook states, "Should a student's rank fall below zero, then they are automatically, instantly, and ruthlessly expelled."


The only player shown to have returned to VGHS after being expelled is Brian D in Episode 9 after defeating the entire varsity team and winning the final match of the VGHS clan tryouts between the JV and Varsity FPS teams. Prior to being expelled Brian, had locked himself in the system, allowing him to compete in the finals. Though Calhoun objected to this "rule", Brian managed to convince him to allow him to play. Brian's successful progress throughout the match incrementally restored his points, and his victory performance earned him enough points to rise out of the expulsion threshold.



Within VGHS, the school is subdivided into several specialized academic divisions.[1] Students may fall under a certain division based upon their major.

  • School of Arms and Marksmanship
  • School of Tactics and Strategy
  • School of Speed and Control
  • School of Force and Finesse
  • School of Adventure and Discovery


Known CoursesEdit


The exact location of VGHS is unknown in Season 1, however it is revealed in small letters on Shane Pizza's business card that VGHS is located in 744 Evergreen Terrace, Seattle, WA. This is likely a fictional address meant as a homage to The Simpsons, as 744 Evergreen Terrace is also the address of The Flanders' house, long-time neighbors of the Simpsons family.

The location of the VGHS filming set in real life is, however, in Los Angeles, CA.

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