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Season 3 starts on Monday, October 13, 2014.

Plot Overview (Spoilers)Edit

Ted and Brian get in big trouble for driving and drinking, respectively. Ki forfeits the election. VGHS loses to Napalm. Brian and Jenny and Ted and Ki break up. Jenny doesn't get to join the team of her dreams. Frederick Wong (the character) dies. They all get together again. Ki goes emo and then goes back to normal. VGHS is bought by the Barnstormer brothers, Shane (previous Shane Pizza) Barnstormer and Ashley Barnstormer. In a final game, VGHS wins due to all the types of gamers using their abilities to take down the Napalmers. The school is no longer the property of the Barnstormers because their mother expected more out of them and punishes them. The Real Law and The New Law seem to be a gay couple. Jenny gets in the team of her dreams at Paris. The series ends with Ted, Brian, and Ki playing a game Ki made in Brian's house, after Brian sees a glimpse of an interview of Jenny, who is in Paris.

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