VGHS The Flash Video Game20:20

VGHS The Flash Video Game


from left to right Ki Swan The Law Brian Doheny and Ted Wong

"High School Video Game: The Video Game High School Video Game" is based off of the game Ki Swan had made based off of what had been happening to her friend BrianD. The game has a SNES feel to it and has a few similarities with Super Mario Bros.


The game is based off of the first season of the game the player plays BrianD who has to ride his bike back home only to beat The Law in a match while he is on live television. He is enrolled into Video Game High School and follows the rest of the season such as encounters with The Law and Jenny Matrix.


The gameplay difficulty is hard and has some levels that feel impossible to beat and has levels that are like Super Mario Bros.

There was so much art for the game that Freddiew and the team asked some friends at Newgrounds to help make the game into a flash which you can play here.

Playable characters are 

Brian D

Ted Wong

Ki Swan

Lawrence Pemberton


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